After decades of R & D and production, Nanyi technology has accumulated rich professional technology and production experience. At present, the company has set up more than 30 direct offices all over the country. With excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service, it has won the favor of many customers and friends and established a good corporate image.
Ⅰ Pre sales services:
Set up special customer service personnel to be responsible for the consultation of customers;
We will provide you with relevant technical information and make a detailed introduction before sale;
According to the specific situation of your project, we provide necessary consulting services and related consulting services on the concept of intelligent community;
With years of accumulated technology and experience, we will provide valuable and constructive suggestions for your system configuration, feasibility and economic benefit analysis;
On the basis of understanding the project, we have a professional intelligent system design engineer who will design the scheme according to your needs and situations.
Ⅱ Service in sale:
We will set up a special service team according to the project situation to follow up the whole project and create conditions for customers to build high-quality intelligent projects;
Ⅲ After-sale service:
Regularly track, inspect and maintain the system;
Our engineers and after-sales service personnel will always keep in touch with customers, understand the operation of the system, answer questions and record them.
Ensure to provide all kinds of consumption and maintenance materials in time;
If there is any problem with the system, the engineer will answer it as soon as possible.
地址:Block A, Yucai Industrial Zone, No. 40, Qiaotang Road, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
服务热线: 400-830-9895