1、 The key of the main engine has no effect:
A. check whether the power supply of the system is normal, and whether the voltage and current provided meet the system requirements. In the normal dc13.4-15v range, the power line is too thin and the transmission distance is too long, and the system load is too large, which will cause the pull-down voltage to make the host unable to work normally.
B. unplug the main line, networking line and video line of the host, and only reserve the power line. If the host is normal, it means that the host is basically normal. Please check other equipment and lines.
C test the normal voltage and signal of each port from the host to the decoder, compare with the abnormal one, and find out the fault point by means of section replacement.
2、 The host cannot call any extension or call on / off line:
A check the signal and voltage of each output port of the trunk line;
B. check whether the host code is correct and whether there is a double code phenomenon. Pay special attention to the factory automatic corresponding code and the subsequent modification code;
C. check whether the main line is connected correctly;
D. whether the wire diameter meets the system requirements and whether the wire rod itself has quality problems;
E whether the main equipment is damaged;
If the extension of F line is long or the farthest, the line will be disconnected when calling. It is obvious that the lack of power supply is caused by the ability to call but no intercom.
3、 Troubleshooting methods and key points:
A to remove the fault, first of all, we need to fully understand the system, such as the working voltage, current and signal control mode of the system. Function of each output port, setting programming, reasonable configuration quantity, transmission mode, transmission distance, transmission environment, equipment use environment, installation standard, wiring process and technical requirements of equipment used with the system;
B reasonable troubleshooting method will greatly improve the maintenance efficiency. Generally, the method of segmentation, classification, replacement and reduction of scope is adopted to narrow and determine the fault scope on a certain equipment, so that normal equipment can be used, and then the fault can be eliminated. In the process of troubleshooting, the important equipment and the only equipment must be guaranteed to be good, and then look out, especially pay attention to the system parameter setting, whether the fault phenomenon has regularity and timeliness. All or some;
C. The analysis shall be comprehensive, the causes of repeated faults shall be found out, and corrective and preventive measures shall be taken. In case of any doubt during the maintenance process, timely consultation shall be conducted to ensure the normal operation of the system.
4、 Faults related to unlocking:
A. first, check whether the unlocking signal control mode, the working mode of the electric lock itself, the power supply voltage, current and wiring are correct, and whether the selected electric lock and power supply can be used together;
B. check that the system can not be unlocked individually or completely. If the whole unit can not be unlocked, please check the voltage of the unlocking signal line of the trunk line and disconnect it in sections until the fault point is found. If a layer cannot be unlocked, please check the decoder of that layer, which can be determined by replacement. If the door cannot be unlocked, please check the line from decoder to extension and unlock button of the extension, which can be confirmed by replacement;
There are many ways to unlock system C, such as host password unlocking, call extension unlocking, call center management unlocking and IC card swiping unlocking. All these ways are invalid, which means there are problems in public or supporting. Please check the following points respectively:
① Whether there is instantaneous dc2-12v voltage output at the unlocking signal output port of the main engine every time when unlocking (please use the pointer multimeter to dial to dc10v for measurement due to quick response) indicates that all equipment before the main engine output is good, please check the next step;
② Check whether the power supply of the system has received the unlocking signal of the host, and whether the power supply itself has voltage output to the electric control lock after receiving;
③ Check whether the electric lock has quality problems;
④ Check whether the wire diameter of electric lock can meet the working requirements of electric lock;
⑤ Check whether the connection with the exit button and supporting access control is correct, and if there is any conflict between them, separate test can be disconnected if necessary.
D all users cannot unlock
Possible cause: check whether the wiring from the door machine to the power supply and from the door machine to the electric lock is well connected. Check whether the unlocking line is connected properly (direct press system line 2, digital line 3);
Handling method: correctly connect the transmission line according to the wiring diagram and unlock it with password. If the electric lock can be opened, it can be proved that there is no problem between the door machine and the electric lock channel. Check that the door user from the main line to the decoder line cannot unlock.
E part of users cannot unlock
Possible causes: check whether the unlocking line is connected wrongly or in poor contact (digital system: Line 3 from the extension to the decoder; direct pressing type: check whether the extension to line 2 from the door machine) and whether the extension itself is normal;
Handling method: replace a good machine with a replacement method to see if it is normal. If it is not, check if the wiring is wrong.
5、 Image related exclusion methods:
A image ghosting
① Check the transmission impedance. Insert 75 Ω balance resistance into the last distributor of each branch. If a video amplifier is installed in the middle of the system, add 75 Ω balance resistance to the distributor before the amplifier is connected, otherwise the video will be ghosted;
② When the video lines of multiple branches come back together, the video distributor must be added and cannot be screwed together arbitrarily;
③ Ensure that the video connector is firm and free from poor contact;
④ If the signal is too weak and the transmission distance is too long, the wire used does not meet the standard, it will also produce double image.
B image bounce:
Check whether the voltage and current output from the video power supply to the extension can meet the power generated by the extension. The visual extension uses dc18v power supply, with the current between 600-800mm a, and is calculated with the wire diameter and the selected power supply.
C has snowflakes
Possible causes: check whether the 18V visual power supply is connected to the door machine by mistake, resulting in overheating of the camera;
Handling method: connect wires correctly.
D image not full screen, dark angle
Possible cause: check the visual power supply added to the extension
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