Ⅰadvantages of franchising
[R & D support]
South billion technology, which is dominated by technological innovation, invests 10% of its sales into new products and new technology research and development every year. Using the first-class R & D and design ability to continuously launch new products, enrich the product line of dealers, so that dealers have more sustainable profit space.
[production support]
Nanyico has established a strict production quality control system, implemented advanced 6S management, realized end-to-end quality control from incoming materials to delivery, guaranteed the delivery speed, ensured that the goods are delivered to customers in a timely, quick and safe manner, reduced operating costs and improved market competitiveness.
[marketing support]
Nanyi technology has a rich marketing management team, and its efficient work lays a good foundation for the successful operation of dealers. Carry out unified promotion activities in the country irregularly and in a planned way to improve market share. The company has also built a sound network marketing platform, through a variety of channels to improve the industry's visibility and influence, to create a super first-class brand image.
[service support]
At present, the company has established more than 40 sales service outlets all over the country, each of which is equipped with a professional technical service team, and takes the lead in setting up a training center to provide customers with more perfect and quick pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, so that customers can really rest assured!
Ⅱ Conditions for joining
1. Be familiar with security industry and have certain industry experience
3. Identify with the operation and management concept of Nanyi Technology
4. Consciously abide by the principle of good faith and guide their business activities with the principle of good faith
5. Active market concept; active contact with the market, active love and development of the market
6. Be able to consider the interests of customers and achieve win-win results
Ⅲ Franchise process
1 direct contact with the company
Call 400 or regional manager of the company to discuss cooperation matters;
2 fill in the application form
Please fill in the application form and fax or scan it to the company within three days, and provide the copies of relevant supporting materials with seals;
3 audit data
The company will measure whether you meet the application conditions according to your situation, and the company will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions during this period, you can consult the relevant person in charge at any time;
4. After approval
After the approval, the person in charge of your area will give you a comprehensive introduction to the company, products, channel policies, after-sales service policies, etc., and discuss and reach an agreement with you on the terms of the cooperation contract;
5 formal contract signing
The company signs a formal cooperation contract with you, and carries out follow-up cooperation matters in accordance with the provisions of the contract;
6 conduct training guidance
The company organizes technical and sales personnel to train and guide your company's personnel and assist your company's sub channel investment promotion operation.
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